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Rules and General Information

What's This Site For? is aimed to serve as a replacement for the questionably stable, an image board to share and discuss the male form. From drawings to pictures to games to whatever you jack off to, this is the place for it. So far, content seems to be leaning heavily towards /fur/.


With loose-modelling of BaraChan, here is a general layout of what goes where:

  • >>>/fur/ is for kemono and furry (anthro) things.
  • >>>/2D/ is for humans and humanoids (orcs, trolls, etc.).
  • >>>/3D/ is for real people. If you can physically hug it, it should go here.
  • >>>/smut/ will probably be unused, but it's there to make up for /alt/ (that is, anything deemed to degenerate).
  • >>>/meta/ is for discussion about the site about anything else. I do have a "blog" thread >>>/meta/4 there to check out for site updates, and a site request thread >>>/meta/3.

But what about werewolves and other hybrids?

For subjects where /gray/ would have served (werewolves namely), I personally do not mind if you put them in either /fur/ or /2D/, or both if you wanted. This also includes fursuits; post them in either board, or both.

Making Threads

At the top of every board is a form for creating new threads. Anyone can create new threads; unless you're unsure where they go, there's no need to ask to make one.

You are required to use an image for every thread. You are encouraged to put a subject for your thread to make it easier to find, and a comment isn't needed, but suggested.

A good rule of thumb is to make about four (4) more additional posts with images in your thread. It's not that important to be a rule, but it's a mere suggestion to help your thread out.

Making Posts

At the bottom of every thread is a form for creating new posts. Anyone can create new posts.

You are not required to use an image for every post.

Attaching sources in the Comment field is not required, but is suggested. Another good rule of thumb is, if it's from the original source with the original filename, it should be easy to track it down. For example: pixiv filenames can easily lead back to the post submission, but not the author; inversely, FurAffinity filenames can easily lead back to the author, but not the post submission; contrarily, Twitter, tumblr, and e621 filenames usually lead to a hell of a hunt to find back, so both sites pretty much require a source URL. As for finding the source without a URL, FoolFuuka (the image board software) provides buttons for reverse image searching through Google and SauceNao (SauceNao can easily find pixiv and e621 content).

Post cooldowns seem to be very low and/or nonexistent, which makes up for the lack of multi-image posting. ReCAPTCHA is not enabled, but can be in the event of abuse (that I doubt will happen).

Please please please, don't actually put your real name in the Name field. Please please please, do not actually use the Email unless it's needed in-context.


There shouldn't be much outside of common sense.

  1. Be civil. Honestly, it's just an elastic rule for me to take action when the general consensus sees fit. I don't mind if you "shitpost" (in either scopes of the term) or banter.
  2. "A place for everything and everything in its place". Post content in their designated boards and threads. I also shouldn't have to expect this to be broken a lot, since everything should be laid out neatly.
  3. No content violating US law. A big given, but it's mainly for heavy law violations like CP or gore. Doujin dumps and patreon reposts are fair game (just be disappointed if you request them and they're not on sadpanda, u18, or I don't want to wake up to a white van outside my window, especially since it's looking out to my backyard.
  4. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster. Yes, it's just copy pasted from another big named image board, but it's a good cover to avoid another kind of van outside my window. This may also help with DMCA takedown requests, since I'm not too sure how they can get handled.